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About Us

About Us

Established during the 80s with the technical co-operation from Raymond Coppa, Line Seven was initially brought to life by its founding members just to create soccer shoes.

Later on, after a streak of success with soccer shoes, the company looked beyond the horizons and decided to expand its product range in the market, introducing a wide range of Line Seven trekking shoes, footwear, apparel and accessories.

Currently, with Patric Valencant as the technical advisor, Line Seven has emerged as the championing brand in France, and an iconic local favourite around the globe where sports are played, watched, enjoyed and celebrated, thanks to the company’s underlined credibility as a multi-sport specialist.

We design products for pioneers in sports, and help athletes find inspiration in sports, and achieve their peak performance by making them faster, stronger and smarter, all while looking sharp.

Behind The Logo

The concept behind the iconic Line Seven logo was conceived through meticulous planning and ideation.

The word ‘Line’ refers to the lines you see on the pitch and floor of every nearly sport today, while ‘7’ is considered a lucky number.

The result is the dynamic logo you see and recognise today that bears the word ‘Line’ alongside a prominent ‘7’, which represents our brand as a whole by symbolising two very important things in nearly every sport: ‘Lines’ and ‘Luck’.

Advocate Of Athletes

We don’t just stop at creating performance-enhancing gear. We look beyond the drawing board and our in-house R&D to empower athletes further by sponsoring football teams like Bordeaux and Auxerre as well as marathons.

Here at Line Seven, we don’t just preach athleticism– we endorse it actively.

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